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ElectricLaboratory is a opensource company. We make electronics kits, custom gadgets and publish them under opensource and openhardware licences.

We also take on custom projects for clients, we can make gadgets and do-hickys! Check out the hire me page for more info.

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CoolBot – Hackspace project

One of the larger projects that I have been working off and on on at the London Hackspace is CoolBot.

CoolBot is the temperature control system for the lasercutter at the London Hackspace, it run off of an Arduino with an ethernet shield. Stacked ontop of that is another shield that connects 3 1 wire temprature probes, a relay, buzzer and a connection to a sparkfun serial lcd screen.

It uses all of this input to measure and control the cooling of the lasercutter, and also sends it out over the network to our central hackspace server to be turned into graphs and fed into our irc bot. This means we can see historical data on how much the tube has been used, and check that the cooling system has been working correctly.

All of this is encased in a project box with panel mount connectors to keep the insides safe from water and dust from the workshop.

As with all things at ElectricLaboratory it is open source and open hardware, you can find out more info on the hackspace wiki page.

Check out my walk through of how the system functions:

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