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ElectricLaboratory is a opensource company. We make electronics kits, custom gadgets and publish them under opensource and openhardware licences.

We also take on custom projects for clients, we can make gadgets and do-hickys! Check out the hire me page for more info.

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More projects and a price reduction for the MiniStylophone

Hello all!

Its been a while since the last update on ElectricLaboratory, due in part to building part of an awesome crazy mini golf course with others at the London Hackspace (a build video and details of how I made the minecraft gold hole to come!)

Another bit of news is that we have run out of the first batch of miniStylophones and have been able to make a much larger order for the new stock, meaning we can now reduce the price to £6 permanently!

I have been working on alot of cool new kits for the site and building crazy gadgets for clients. More posts on those over the next couple of weeks.

Its all go at the ElectricLaboratory office, we have new equipment, new workbenches and tons of ideas! Oh, and you may want to listen to the great new podcast from members of the London Hackspace РThe Hackables (plug)

Back soon!

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One Response to “More projects and a price reduction for the MiniStylophone”

  • Do let us know if there is anything we can do for you Charles. We have pulled through the rough patch of our move now so our turnaround is back to the standard 10 – 15 days for PCBs.

    And yes, we do read your blog :’)
    Your minecraft hole was awesome

    Kind Regards,
    Ad Herlihy
    Stickleback Manufacturing

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