About Us

ElectricLaboratory is a opensource company. We make electronics kits, custom gadgets and publish them under opensource and openhardware licences.

We also take on custom projects for clients, we can make gadgets and do-hickys! Check out the hire me page for more info.

Open Source Hardware

Its been a while!

Wow, the last post on our main page was all the way back in April 2012! You may be mistaken in thinking we have been resting on our lorrells, but nothing could be father than the truth…

Back in July last year we had some issues with our wordpress store for selling our kits. Luckily we had started listing our items on Tindie before it even opened and were loving the site! So our store was switched over entirely to Tindie and we haven’t looked back.

From now on we will be introducing you to our tools, projects and new products on a weekly basis. There is a lot going on at the ElectricLaboratory, we look forward to showing you around!

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MiniStylophone Build Video

While making a MiniStylophone kit for some product photo’s I thought of making a “How to build” video showing how the kit is made, and how to make it yourself. A link has been added to the shop page, but you can see the result here too!


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CoolBot – Hackspace project

One of the larger projects that I have been working off and on on at the London Hackspace is CoolBot.

CoolBot is the temperature control system for the lasercutter at the London Hackspace, it run off of an Arduino with an ethernet shield. Stacked ontop of that is another shield that connects 3 1 wire temprature probes, a relay, buzzer and a connection to a sparkfun serial lcd screen.

It uses all of this input to measure and control the cooling of the lasercutter, and also sends it out over the network to our central hackspace server to be turned into graphs and fed into our irc bot. This means we can see historical data on how much the tube has been used, and check that the cooling system has been working correctly.

All of this is encased in a project box with panel mount connectors to keep the insides safe from water and dust from the workshop.

As with all things at ElectricLaboratory it is open source and open hardware, you can find out more info on the hackspace wiki page.

Check out my walk through of how the system functions:

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More projects and a price reduction for the MiniStylophone

Hello all!

Its been a while since the last update on ElectricLaboratory, due in part to building part of an awesome crazy mini golf course with others at the London Hackspace (a build video and details of how I made the minecraft gold hole to come!)

Another bit of news is that we have run out of the first batch of miniStylophones and have been able to make a much larger order for the new stock, meaning we can now reduce the price to £6 permanently!

I have been working on alot of cool new kits for the site and building crazy gadgets for clients. More posts on those over the next couple of weeks.

Its all go at the ElectricLaboratory office, we have new equipment, new workbenches and tons of ideas! Oh, and you may want to listen to the great new podcast from members of the London Hackspace – The Hackables (plug)

Back soon!

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ACNode – Updates and progress

This have been progressing on the Tool Access Control systems for the London Hackspace. The ACNodes now feature network functions and the basic functions to control a device. Cards can now be added remotely, and the tool the ACNode is attached to can be put out of service if a fault is found with the device.

Improvements are ongoing, but the next update to the ACNode should have all functions ready for final testing!

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ACNode (Tool Access Control) – Prototype

This project is something I have been mulling over for the past few months, and now that my filming with Gadget Geeks is over (will fill you in on that another time) I had the time to mock something up.

Its in the early stages of development, but over the next few days I will be making this into a reaitly, check out the video for more details:

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Balls to this!

The team from Click on the BBC World Service invited folks from the London Hackspace to put something together for their live show. The result: a ping-pong ball launcher that released a ball every time someone around the world tweeted about the show. At the end, all those balls got launched into the live studio audience.

Tom Scott put together the Twitter integration, which sent signals to my custom laser-cut ball-release mechanism, which is available on Thingiverse. Then Tom Wyatt’s contraption of motors, Lego and cardboard accelerated all those balls out into the crowd. If he’d turned the power up, we could have hit the back row – but then the whole thing might have blown itself apart!

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Happy Holidays Open Hardware Style

While fixing the London Hackspace lasercutter I needed a test cut pattern, and I also needed something for the top of our tree…

So I came up with this!

Happy Holidays from ElectricLaboratory!

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Snowboarding data!

I was lucky enough to work with the amazing folks over at Vitamin Design on a very cool project for Nokia.

We were working on pulling in lots of lovely data from a snowboarder as they hurtle down the side of a mountain!

We pulled in pressure data from their boots, gyro readings, wind speed and temperature, heart rate and a host more. Everything was plugged into arduino derivatives and sent out over bluetooth to a Nokia phone for storage  and retrieval.

Its so much fun working on projects like these, and the end result is amazing, take a look over at pushsnowboarding.com

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Webshop now open!

Our shop is now open!

After our success with the kits on sale at Maker Faire Brighton we can now sell them online! You can buy our MiniStylophone kit from the “Shop” tab at the top of any page on our site.

There are more kits are in production and we will be adding them soon.

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